Chainsaws, a Princess, and an Evil Villain

The title conjures up visions of a horror movie, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What, then?

Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR. at the Lumberjack Festival in Deposit, NY of course!

We had our annual “summer stock week” (actually 10 days) at Scott’s Resort last month, and what a wonderful experience it was! Our troupe went up together in a school bus on a Friday afternoon. We got settled in on Friday night, and held auditions and cast the show on Saturday. We performed it the next Friday…only six days later! Fully costumed, staged, choreographed, with hand-held mikes. Amazing! Parents who send their children for the first time always start out by saying, “How are you going to do that?”, and we suspect they don’t have high expectations, but when they see the show a week later, that completely reverses to “I can’t believe you did that!”.

Well, we couldn’t do it without such a truly talented, dedicated cast. Every cast member takes it very seriously (but has fun in between rehearsals swimming, tubing, tie dying, playing in our first annual soccer  casino game, seeing shows at night, going to our traditional closing night bonfire, and more!) but also love and enjoy what they do.

What an achievement they accomplish every year. We’re always so, so proud of them. But you know what? From the time they get on the bus to the time they walk off the stage, they ;the cast of 8 to 15 year olds never doubted for a second that they could do it.

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