“I am always delighted and pleased to attend a Children’s Acting Academy Showcase! It is a celebration of efforts, theatrical skills, creativity and most important children. It has been my pleasure to offer professional contracts and opportunities to children that I have seen at the CAA .” – Jody Prusan from Connecting Talent Company

“Mimi Stuart is a dedicated and inspirational teacher. Any young person lucky enough to attend her Children’s Acting Academy can develop a more confident personality which is a great preparation for success in life.” – David De Silva, Who Developed and Produced of the Acclaimed Musical FAME

“Watch[ing] kids work with Mimi Stuart is like a rose bud slowly grow until it opens its petals to a full blown rose and get an applause for its beauty.” – Doris Stinga, FFT Models

“It was a nice mixture of professional expectations and careful nurturing, expand [ing] her own personal goals in dance, acting and singing. For me the highlight was seeing her conquer some of her fears seemingly without flinching.” – Elizabeth Stern, Mother of 13-year old student